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Timber Sales


Coldwell  Timber Consulting, LLC provides three important services when  administering each and every timber sale. These services are as follows:

1.)  Inventory and Tree Marking Based on Landowner Objectives

The  species, size, quality, and quantity of trees to be removed during a  timber harvest should be directly related to the goals and objectives of  the forest landowner. Such goals may include the use of the forest to  provide sustainable income, wildlife habitat, aesthetic value, water  quality, recreation, and/or overall forest health. We combine the  objectives for your woodlot with the characteristics of your forest,  such as species composition, size class, stand density, and site  quality, to design a timber harvest and cutting cycle specifically for  your woods.  We then inventory and mark your woods based on achieving  your objectives.

2.)  Marketing of Timber

Unlike  other goods, no accurate market price exists for standing timber.  Factors such as total volume, tree size, number of trees, tree quality,  tree species, access, buyer’s markets, and buyer’s demand for timber all  influence the amount paid for standing timber. Because of this the  value of standing timber is determined through an agreement between the  buyer and the seller. The most lucrative way to bring the buyer and  seller together is marketing, through a competitive bidding process. We  send bid prospectuses to the regions best timber companies. Within the  bid prospectuses we include an Inventory Sheet that contains a  complete break-down of the number, volume, diameter, and condition of  marked trees by species so prospective timber buyers know exactly what  they are bidding on. Also included is a Notification of Timber for Sale  that addresses the terms of the sale, a description of the marked  timber, a general location map, and a more specific topographic map. 

3.)  Insure Compliance to the Timber Sale Contract

We provide the landowner with a Timber Sale Contract  designed to protect the landowner and the landowner’s property. We then  oversee the harvest and insure compliance to the timber sale contract.